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Sourav Kundu (Dr. Engg.)
Sourav Kundu (Dr. Engg.)
Author, Teacher, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Philosopher

Sourav loves anything that is new and creative and has to do with Computers, Technology or Business. Because of this, he is still undecided whether art or technology suits him better and he continues to pursue both. He started with pursuing for a Masters in Design Computing at the University of Sydney, Australia and went on to complete a Doctor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (Control Engineering) from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan, in March of 1996.

Company Overview

We conceive, design, implement and deliver integrated business processes and solutions that impact businesses by allowing them to deploy their business knowledge and business intelligence in the most effective way. Our in-house research and publications in Business Process Optimization (BPO), Software Process Improvement (SPI), Risk Management, Knowledge Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Genetic Algorithm (GA), Adaptive Systems, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Systems, Engineering Systems Optimization, Systems and Control theory and application, Engineering Structures and others, help keep us up to date with today's changing scenario in the information world.

We make it possible for your business to create unique value by application of Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Information Technology (IT), Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.

Company Highlights
About KSG in USA
Technoogy Consulting Offerings

Our primary mission is to create new value for businesses using our core domain knowledge backed with business data, helping organizations to build and deploy intelligent solutions.

Our second mission is to provide leadership in building and using Knowledge Based Software and Information Technologies, to improve the value and quality of processes and people that depend on these software and technologies


For a young company that we are, we take pride in having worked with a few prestigious multinationals and governments in many parts of the world. We have focused on building our depth of experience within a select group of industries. We know the competition and the challenges faced in these industries. We've solved similar problems for similar companies and can leverage our knowledge, best practices and past deliverables to deliver solutions that will remain relevant and valuable as business changes.

Consumer Products, Retail and Distribution (CPRD)

In working with consumer IT products, retail and distribution companies, we leverage existing information assets to drive sales growth across all channels, improve margins, maximize supply chain efficiency, and increase customer loyalty. We offer a comprehensive selection of services from strategy through solution implementation, focusing on the capabilities essential to transforming CPRD companies into "knowledge rich" and "information" based businesses.

Government Sector

Transforming an established government agency into a digital business is rarely a single project or solely a technology solution. Rather it involves a program of activities from business strategy through solution integration and measurement of result. KSG can help Federal, State and Local governments with the complex challenge of providing Knowledge building, Knowledge mining, Data Mining, Intelligent Software Products and digital services externally to constituents and internally to employees while complying with legislative and regulatory mandates.

Utilities and Energy Sector

We are experienced in helping utilities optimize their businesses to achieve faster growth, reduce costs and create stronger relationships with trading partners. Today, deregulation, re-regulation and consolidation are rapidly changing the utility industry. We can help utilities capitalize on the changing environment and reinvent themselves as the market leaders of tomorrow.

Technology Research

With our wealth of research into, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT), Information Engineering, Information Governance and Knowledge Engineering areas, KSG can help companies with research and development of their existing business processes. The results of this research can be then used to improve the productivity and operations by applying tailored software with built in intelligence.


KSG's principal focus is on business optimization (Process and KPIs). Our R&D team has been publishing process optimization related research in world's leading journals and conferences for about a decade now.

Financial Services

KSG has experienced professionals in all areas of finance, both front and back office, that spans wholesale and retail banking, asset management, insurance, exchanges and consulting. We understand how the pressures of cost reduction and business risk combined with the introduction of new industry initiatives may strain existing organizational and operational infrastructures. We offer services designed to address those concerns.

Company History

Sourav Kundu, graduated with a Masters in Design Computing from Sydney University, Australia and a Doctor of Engineering (Ph.D) in Mechanical Engineering from Tokyo Metropilitan University in Japan. He started his career with teaching and research in prestigious universities around the world, in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Design Philosophy, Optimization and Business (among other subjects). After having worked in various full time or part time academic and research positions in Universities in Japan, Turkey, Singapore, India and USA, Sourav created KSG in 2002 with a vision of delivering world class competitive business intelligence, business technical and business advisory services. The company was incorporated in Japan in March 15th, 2002 and is owned by Dr. Sourav Kundu, as a majority holding in Japan and subsidiaries in other countries. KSG USA is however a fully independent partner.

President's Message

"On behalf of our team, I welcome you to KSG's website and wish you like what we have to offer. We believe that each customer is unique and take pride in serving and adapting to our customer's business needs in any way we can. Our motto is "Determination to Deliver" and we stand by this motto when delivering our services - no exceptions. Please take a look around our site and do not hesitate to mail myself or our staff with any further questions."

Our Team of Consultants (Partial)

The horizontal structure of KSG with hierarchical independence and lateral operability of our global offices are fundamental to the organic core of the company. Each office in four different countries is independent in its operations and decision making authority but at the same time brings together the local value to form a globally coherent entity with one vision and one culture.

Project Assurance
  • PM Consulting and support
  • Project performance matrics
  • Resource Capacity analysis
  • Project review and recovery
  • PMO and PAO Support design
Business Assurance
  • Business and IT Risk analysis and assessment of internal controls and internal Security.
  • Information Risk management(IRM)
  • Resource Capacity analysis
Quality Assurance
  • Implimentation of CMMI
  • Software process Improvement(SPI)
  • Software Testing
  • Software Capability Assessment
Process Assurance
  • Vendor Management
  • Business Continutity Planning
  • IT Governace and Risk Assessment
  • Software Capability Assessment
Our Projects



A major computer company located in Osaka, Japan


Medium sized software developer in Japan with CMM Level 3 certification.


Linux, PostgreSQL, Java, Apache Web Server

Project Budgets:

Generate effective website access statistics from a large distributed web server.

Most web access statistics generation systems are based on general/popular web server configurations like IIS or APACHE. So if there is a typically difference distributed web server configuration, and very specific statistics requirement, then all commercial web access statistics generation programs will fail. Our client (Daiwa computers) had this problem as they have a distributed web-based file system which was accessed by large distributed user base in Osaka and Tokyo.


Using simple but powerful technology


Using XML as the basis of storing Web Server Access Statistics data.


The application is intended to access information from the log files of several distributed Apache Web Servers, and display the assimilated information in tabular and graph format. This information is to be displayed to users who are authenticated/authorized to view the information. The information is dynamic, and changes from time to time.

The log stores information on the various sites hosted on the Apache Web Server. The information to be displayed is: -

  • Maximum hits per day
  • Average hits per day
  • Hit distribution by hours of the day
  • Hit distribution by days of the week
  • Hit distribution by months of the year
  1. The Application reads information from an XML file, to retrieve a list of users to whom e-mail has to be sent.
  2. The e-mail will contain a url, which directs the user to the site from where the information to be displayed will be provided.
  3. The user will be directed to an HTML Login/Password page to receive information.
  4. To view the information, the user will have to type in a user name and password for authentication. The information fed in will be checked against information stored earlier.
  5. Once the user is authenticated, s/he will be provided with the information received from the Apache Web Server log file. A call to the log file will be made only when the requisite information is needed. This will ensure that up-to-date information is always available.
  6. The information will be displayed across eight pages. Four of the pages will be used to display the information in a tabular format. The remaining four pages will display the same information through graphs. The graphs will be generated on the fly, using applets embedded in HTML pages.
Current Status

Project is successfully completed. Client is satisfied with Knowledge Solution Group’s project consulting and offshore development abilities as well as Japanese language development abilities and facilities.



A major Department of Transportation (DOT) for the United States Government


State Safety Office of (X)DOT



Project Budgets:

We developed this solution for the State Govt. Department of Transportation (FDOT) and increased their effectiveness to handle accident emergencies and consolidate accident related data across the Florida state.


Consolidating data from all channels to a central database and allowing secured access to this data.


Integration of data that in different formats and distributed. Providing singular access views across all different access channels.


The Web based Graphical User Interface for the Industrial Safety Information Management System (ISIMS) database improved the quality of the data, simplified data input and promoted the state’s Loss Prevention Procedure. This project delivered on time and within budget by KSG, improved the efficiency of data retrieval and input by it’s use of FDOT Intranet as opposed to the current Microsoft Access based application accessible from the Department’s WAN. Both the quality of the information collected and safety awareness within the Florida Department of Transportation, has be vastly improved since implementation of this project by offering a simple and easy to multi-channel interface application that is available to any workstation having FDOT Infonet access.

Project Outline: Industrial Safety Information Management System (ISIMS)

The State Safety Office was desirous to modify the existing Industrial Safety Information Management System (ISIMS) in order to enable it to be utilized via the Intranet by Industrial Safety personnel throughout the state.

Project Description

The Department of Transportation’s Loss Prevention Procedure (Topic No. 500-000-015-e) requires injuries/illnesses and vehicle crashes/incidents to be recorded and reported. The Industrial Safety Information Management System (ISIMS), maintained by the state Safety Office, is a system where data on all incidents involving DOT are recorded. The system allows electronic data input and retrieval by the Districts and provides the information that is utilized for program planning, and monitoring program implementation.

The proposed Web based Graphical User Interface for the existing ISIMS database improves the quality of the data, simplifies data input and promotes the state’s Loss Prevention Procedure. This project will improve the efficiency of data retrieval and input by it’s use of DOT Intranet as opposed to the current Microsoft Access based application accessible from the Department’s WAN. Both the quality of the information collected and safety awareness within the Florida Department of Transportation, can be vastly improved by offering a simple and easy to interface application that is available to any workstation having DOT Infonet access.

  • Overall objective of FDOT’s ISIMS improvement Project
    • Move from high bandwidth Microsoft Access database to a quick, lightweight browser based application.
    • Further involve DOT personnel in the Loss Prevention Procedure and provide broader access to reports.
    • Expand potential users from exclusively DOT Industrial safety personnel to all supervisors and managers throughout the state who may have a need for this information.
    • Centralize file location as opposed to distributed files requiring manual synchronizing and thereby simplifying database management.
    • Accomplishment of enhancements, improvements or expansion of the program’s function, without taking the database out of service or having to replace-install application software.
  • Proposed Technical and Logistic Specifications for the DOT’s ISIMS improvement Project
    • Security Access: Selective Read/Write permissions based on user level. Each user (Safety Personnel and Others) will have different Write/Edit capabilities according to their login/password combination.
    • All login and read/write/edit operations will be logged/audited and tagged (with timestamp) with login name of the person performing this action. Thus any abnormality and un-authorized activity will be immediately tracked and accounted for.
    • Record maintenance, Add/Edit/Delete Records will be fully operational and user friendly and intuitively designed GUI will help user in all steps
    • Query and search of all possible key words, combination of key words and simple phrases will be possible. Search within search results will be implemented. There will be prepared as well as custom queries.
    • Report generation facility can be either in-house (within the software and part of it) or it can be interfaced with a generalized report writing software like Actuate Reports or Power-Builder Report Writing Utility. Both custom reporting and predetermined/preprogrammed report writing and report generation/printout facility will be made.
    • Individual Reports/Custom Reports and Query/Search Results can be printed in customized formats.
    • Data export will facility will be provided for Delimited Text data format as well as Report Data to interface ISIMS with external report writing utility like Actuate Reports or Power-Builder Report Writing Utility.
    • Hypertext links, all reference information, online user manual and user help with intuitive user help, will be provided.
    • All data input will be via secured interactive Web Forms.
  • Projected Benefits of the DOT’s ISIMS improvement Project
    • The proposed improvement permits an electronic workflow approach that will reduce labor and paperwork requirements.
    • There will be more efficient utilization of LAN/WAN resources.
    • The interface will be user friendly and intuitive.
    • It is expected to muster greater participation in Loss Prevention Procedure throughout the state.
    • The system will simplify and converge all database management and maintenance requirements as compared to existing distributed database management and maintenance setup.

The scope of this project is restricted to the expansion of DOT’s existing Intranet Web pages and Industrial Safety portal contents. Recommended Server Side and Client Side Technologies are proposed, but not limited to the following:

  • Database: MS SQL Server (or Oracle 8i)
  • Web Server: MS-IIS 4.0. Running on NT 4.0 (or MS IIS 5.0, running on MS Windows 2000 Server or MS Windows XP-Server)
  • Middleware: ASP (ADO), ActiveX, VBScripts, Javascripts and PERLscripts.
  • Content: HTML, CSS, DHTML, XML and XSL.
  • FrontEnd: MS Internet Explorer (IE.) 5.0 or (IE.) 6.0
Current Status

Project is successfully completed. Client is satisfied with Knowledge Solution Group’s project consulting and offshore development abilities.

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