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Company CEO

Sourav Kundu (Dr. Engg.)
Sourav Kundu (Dr. Engg.)
Author, Teacher, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Philosopher

Sourav loves anything that is new and creative and has to do with Computers, Technology or Business. Because of this, he is still undecided whether art or technology suits him better and he continues to pursue both. He started with pursuing for a Masters in Design Computing at the University of Sydney, Australia and went on to complete a Doctor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (Control Engineering) from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan, in March of 1996.

Company Overview

We conceive, design, implement and deliver integrated business processes and solutions that impact businesses by allowing them to deploy their business knowledge and business intelligence in the most effective way. Our in-house research and publications in Business Process Optimization (BPO), Software Process Improvement (SPI), Risk Management, Knowledge Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Genetic Algorithm (GA), Adaptive Systems, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Systems, Engineering Systems Optimization, Systems and Control theory and application, Engineering Structures and others, help keep us up to date with today's changing scenario in the information world.


Knowledge Solutions Group is a global consultancy and professional services company with a history of delivering full complement of services from appraisal to assessment to implementation, to maintenance and continuous improvement, using global resources, optimized methodologies and time-tested standards

To be a truely global solutions company offering value creation by building business and customer strategies using data analytics to discover new market insights in our chosen areas of competence.


Our primary mission is to create new value for businesses using our core domain knowledge backed with business data, helping organizations to build and deploy intelligent solutions.

Our second mission is to provide leadership in building and using Knowledge Based Software and Information Technologies, to improve the value and quality of processes and people that depend on these software and technologies.


Project Assurance

  • PM Consulting and support
  • Project performance matrics
  • Resource Capacity analysis
  • Project review and recovery
  • PMO and PAO Support design

Business Assurance

  • Business and IT Risk analysis and
    assessment of internal controls and
    internal Security.
  • Information Risk management(IRM)
  • Resource Capacity analysis

Quality Assurance

  • Implimentation of CMMI
  • Software process Improvement(SPI)
  • Software Testing
  • Software Capability Assessment

Process Assurance

  • Vendor Management
  • Business Continutity Planning
  • IT Governace and Risk Assessment
  • Software Capability Assessment
More Projects
  • Software Capability Evaluation(SCE)

  • The Flare Journey – An illustration of how digital transformation for New Media Group (NMG) could be done via KSG SMATⓇ

  • IBEED Mari-My Access to Risks and Insurance Insurance Information Registration Portal - MobileApp

  • Wellness Sensors Networks Based- Smart Home: An Implementation

  • Threat Management

  • Threat Modeling, Monitoring and Protection

  • iBeed LUIGI α- A Proposal for Secure Blockchain Architecture for Insurance Policy and Customer Management

  • Project Plan 2004 Annual Plan and 1st Q Detail Schedule

  • Internet of Things: eSmart Health- Cloud base development with hardware products and web platform

  • Text Search and Fuzzy Matching

  • Harnessing the power of the epigenome for healthy aging

  • Capital Markets Learning from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and UBS AG

  • Social listening & e-commerce proposal for New Media Group

  • Sarbanes Oxley- Implication for IT

  • APP Development for BNU Online, Mobile Banking + Business Online Banking (BOB)

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